Fast Lane, Smithfield Street Bridge – Ratio 3:1



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It?s not all work in the steel city. The nightlife of downtown Pittsburgh is fast-paced and exciting. Vehicles whip across the Smithfield Street Bridge so that passengers might reach their events on time. The city’s vibrancy clashes with headlights to produce an intoxicating photo of color and movement.

Built in 1883 by engineer, Gustav Lindenthal, the Smithfield Street Bridge is the second oldest steel bridge in the United States. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, the bridge crosses the famous Monongahela River.

Limited Edition of 50

Emmanuel is an accomplished photographer who specializes in landscapes and cityscapes. His goal is to capture some of the nation’s and Europe’s inherent beauty. He devotes a significant amount of time and effort to capturing the perfect photo. He continuously works on his equipment to capture the image while also being able to reproduce it large and with outstanding sharpness and clarity. He wants to be able to provide you with a sound investment in his prints.


Emmanuel takes pride in his ability to capture amazing details that preserve their uniqueness no matter what scale they are produced at. While out in the field, Emmanuel’s focus to optimum exposure ensures that both the shadows and highlights are clear. The colors of Emmanuel’s photos are all true to life and have enough diversity to go with any interior color choice.

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The photo print is exposed with cutting-edge laser technology and printed to be placed?under?1/16-inch-thick acrylic for a high-gloss finish. Because our acrylic prints are heavier than those made of metal or paper, we recommend using a metal Z-bar to hang them.


The premium picture print is designed to meet the highest standards and is ideal for vibrant photographs. Even in big sizes, high gloss metal prints are exceptionally durable but light in weight. The Aluminum-printed images are durable and water-resistant, making them suitable for use in sheltered outdoor environments. Every metal print comes with a hanging wire on the backside for easy installation.

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Our photo prints meet the most rigorous standards. They’re bright, crisp, and the colors are vibrant.